Here are two commissioned tracks composed for the game Wingdaria Destiny. The game will be released on Steam for PC. See the Steam page here.
These two compositions are taken from the 'The Story Goes On' soundtrack. It is currently on sale in Steam here, and was a pleasure to work on with Malcolm and Anton from Scarecrow Arts.
These three tracks were composed for the (30+ track long!) soundtrack composed for Boma Naraka Sura. The game is not currently available on Steam, but after successful funding at Kickstarter (see the project here) development is in full throttle.
The three tracks here were composed for the Silent Roads: Desert OST. The game features many action-packed environments, with influence from 80's action movies and spagetti westerns. View the game's page here to get a glimpse at the project.
I was warmly accepted into the team at Overclocked Games to deliver the SFX and music for the game Yokai Scrolls. The game has a fantastic fusion of futuristic  elements as well as classic Japanese culture. Be sure to check out the Steam page here.
Last but not least, here are 4 tracks from the soundtrack of Eclipse JP's first game Healing Process: Tokyo. These are just 4 of the 150+ (over 4 hour) tracks from the game. Healing Process: Tokyo is a massive project that I am braving alone, you can see the page here.
While over the last year and a half I have worked on multiple soundtracks, the compositions below are some of my favourite.