Game Development

  • We are currently developing our first game Healing Process: Tokyo. Please click here to see the successfully greenlit Steam page.

  • We have secured funding for the demo of our first full 3D game 'Astral Rhapsody'! Upon completion of the demo, we aim to take it to Kickstarter.

Composition Goals

  • After composing for a few more games, we are considering opening up the company to other composers who are interested in creating game music and SFX. This will involve us working closely together with other composers and creating soundtracks for our current contacts.

  • Our first game - Healing Process: Tokyo will contain over three hours of music, so completing this is one of our greatest goals currently.

Translation Goals

  • After our successful translation of Memoranda by Bit Byterz this year, we are on the look out for more developers that wish to release their games in Japanese as well as English. While we have a few agreements currently, we are definitely looking to expand our reach and work on more interesting games in the near future.

I'm currently available to take commissioned composition / translation work: