My name is Sam, I founded the company Eclipse JP here in Tokyo, Japan in 2015 with my wife Kou. Eclipse JP is a composition service for video games, and also an English to Japanese translation service for video games. I am originally from the United Kingdom and currently living in Tokyo, and my main interest lies in working with people who are developing unique or fantastic projects. I'm currently working with game developers internationally over the internet. After studying music at the University of London (SOAS) and Red Tape Central, Sheffield, I moved on to composing music for video games, which has been my aim in  life since the age of around 7~9 when I played Chrono Trigger, Grandia and Final Fantasy 7/8.

Since starting my work, in January 2015, I have composed music for several successful titles such as Boma Naraka Sura and Healing Process: Tokyo (coming to Steam in 2017). On top of that, we translated Memoranda (by Bit Byterz) to Japanese.

Please visit the Music Portfolio if you are interested in my music. I can score orchestral music, chiptunes, jazz, experimental, funk or rock. Anything is a possibility really. If you are interested in where I aim to take Eclipse JP in the future, please see my 'goals' section. I also provide a service for translating games from English to Japanese, if you are interested please check out the translation portfolio.

Sam Jones, Eclipse JP
25th May, 2016
I'm currently available to take commissioned composition / translation work: